Monday, November 3, 2008

New family blog

Things continue to go well with Colby at home. He is growing out of his newborn clothes, and is starting to wear 0 to 3 months - more outfit changes for mommy! He is starting to smile a little bit, and is much more alert now. He is such a cutie! Unfortunately, my return to work is approaching very quickly - probably before Thanksgiving. The good thing is we have a great nanny lined up, and we have no worries at all about leaving him at home.

This blog has been great for us in so many ways. It's been a great way to communicate with many people, and very therapeutic for us during a very hard time. We appreciate everyone who has kept up with us, and followed us on our journey. We have a new blog now, and hope all of you continue to keep up with us and watch Colby, and hopefully, one day, our family grow. The new blog is:

please bookmark it and check it out for Halloween pictures!

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